Totální nasazení 


TOTÁLNÍ NASAZENÍ is a punk rock legend from a small town Slaný, situated near Prague. It is one of the most well-known bands in this genre in the Czech Republic.


The band was formed in 1990 by friends from a local high school. Led by Sváťa Šváb (bass guitar, vocals) the first few demos were recorded right in the upcoming weeks and months. In 1995, a debut album Stínohry (Shadow plays) was released and Totální nasazení started to play gigs all over the country.


With each new release, the demand for the band grew. Throughout the years, the band played more than 90 shows each year, recorded several video clips and was regularly invited to radio and TV shows.


After 18 years on the scene, the original drummer left the band and new one - Franky - joined it. In the upcoming years, Totální nasazení released a live DVD, regular and “best of” albums, made few video clips and continued to tour in the Czech Republic (music clubs and festivals).


At the end of 2013, after 20 years, P.P.Cvok (guitar) left the band for family reasons. Instead, another guitar player Karloss - with his rich experience from other well-known punk-rock bands, joined in.


10th regular album “Zbytečná” with Karloss as a lead guitar player was released in 2014. A year later, the band celebrated 25th anniversary with their special unplugged tour, new “best of” album and old albums remastered and released as LPs.


In 2017 and 2018, P.P.Cvok was back in the band, but only as a guest for the time being. That changed in 2019 when he joined the band full time and the band recorded a new album “Kazoo or die!” followed by the biggest tour in their history.


Up until now, Totální nasazení has released 18 CDs, LPs and MCs, including studio, live and best of albums and 2 live DVDs. With over 80 shows a year (music clubs, festivals) and more than 1600 since 1990s it has developed a strong fans base in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Sváťa – bass guitar, vocals  

Karloss – guitar, vocals

P.P.Cvok – guitar, vocals 

Franky – drums











Mikulhash (2018) -

Je mi to líto - lyric video (2017) -

Černobílý svět - live (2016) -

Balkánská (2016) -

Number Two (2015) -

Zapomenutý sny (2014) -

O hvězdáři a kometě (2014) -

Tichá voda (2014) -

Kdo jsi? (2014) -

Nezapomeneme (2013) -

Oceloví ptáci (2013) -

Mistr pohádkář (2013) -

Samowar (2011) -





Wiktorovy ostatky (1991) - DEMO

Dneska má svátek Marie (1992) - DEMO

Bätmäni (1993) - DEMO

Totální nasazení (1994) - DEMO

Stínohry (1996)

Pocta době (1997)

…souhlasíš se vším? (1998)

Živáky (1999) - LIVE

Spreyopithecus chaluhensis (2000)

Crabalaganja (2002)

Delta Force - Živák z Delty (2003) - LIVE

Když mrvy na šichtu táhnou (2005)

Best of Totální nasazení – Tak mi to PUČ (2006) - BEST OF

Krokodýl Ghandee (2007)

Charóne, ty jsi nás převez (2009) - LIVE (DVD)

Best on 1990-2010 (2010) - BEST OF

Crazy Story (2011)

Unplugged unpunked live Divadlo Slaný 2010 (2011) - LIVE

Oceloví ptáci (2013)

Zbytečná (2014)

25 let černobílý svět (2015) - BEST OF

Unplugged divadlo Slaný (2015)  - LIVE

Live Rock Café 2015 (2016)  - LIVE (DVD)

Kazoo or die! (2019)


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10.3.2023 Děčín – Le Garage Noir + Zakázaný ovoce
11.3.2023 Benešov – Music Club X + Zakázaný ovoce, Wotazník
17.3.2023 Rokycany –  Na Střelnici + Zakázaný ovoce, Dilemma in Cinema
18.3.2023 Rakovník – Dům osvěty + Zakázaný ovoce, Deratizéři
24.3.2023 Litomyšl – Music club Kotelna + Zakázaný ovoce
25.3.2023 Humpolec – Party House Tennessee + Zakázaný ovoce, Wotazník
31.3.2023 Brno – První patro + Zakázaný ovoce, Dilemma in Cinema



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